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How to clean the concrete batching plant after use?

Cleaning mixing console. After a period at least cleaning time. First, the water and a small amount of stone and put it into a mixing 5 ~ 10 min stirring within the host, after cleaning the machine material fully eradicate, water is not, buildup; shutdown and then flushing pipeline eradicate stirred tank inside and outside the dust and adhesion of concrete. When cleaning the door of the batching plant, the cleaning is carried out on the back to avoid the phenomenon of the material blocking door.
During the normal production of the equipment, to promptly check the mixing shaft and the mixing arm of the concrete condensation on the arm, such as the face of agglutination, should be carried out in accordance with the request of the. When the inside of the mixing barrel is cleaned manually, the outer wall of the stirring barrel is stopped.
Do a good job above these cleaning work, to ensure the normal work of mixing station.
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