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Experience and suggestion on quality control of mixing plant

Quality control of concrete mixing plant is an indispensable concrete quality inspection, is the main means to ensure the quality of concrete. In the whole process of production, transportation and construction of concrete, it can not be ignored, its main role has the following five points:
1, the good and supervision are not allowed: inspection of raw materials, mix proportion design, measurement, concrete mixing time, slump and strength off; unqualified materials are not allowed to use, the inaccuracy of the measurement equipment is not production, unqualified concrete are not allowed to the factory, to ensure the concrete to meet the quality requirements.
2, strictly in accordance with the norms of random sampling, production test block, according to the report, in order to really play the purpose of guiding production.
3, do a good job beforehand control, prevent quality accidents, by the quality supervision of the whole process of quality inspection and production of raw materials and fresh concrete, timely grasp the quality of concrete dynamic, timely detection of problems, timely measures to deal with, to prevent the occurrence of engineering quality accident, the quality of concrete in a steady state.
4, feedback information, through the test data analysis and arrangement, grasp the quality and change rule of the concrete, to improve concrete mix proportion design, to ensure the quality of concrete, make full use of admixtures and mixing material, reduce cost, strengthen management etc., provide the necessary information and basis.
5, strengthen quality training, improve the technical level of operators and quality awareness, enhance the sense of responsibility, to ensure that the quality of concrete. Technical personnel and operators of concrete mixing plant to carry out regular training of key technical training, which is no doubt to save costs, improve efficiency and further ensure the quality of concrete will play a more significant effect.
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